Flash Fictions: Oldtech Oddities


He wasn’t there as promised. Only an indecisive pigeon wandered the street.

“He’s left me to the hangman,” Marit sighed.

The bird flew to his barred jail window. Something clinked on the floor.

“Wizard? Dat you?”

“Put on the invisibility ring!” it squawked.


“You okay?” she asked.

“Dizzy,” he said. “It will pass.”

“How’d you survive that curse-breaking kiss? The witch made me the most poisonous tree frog alive!”

“Built tolerance. Dabs of poison off and on. Three hospitalizations.”

“Damn. Commitment is sexy!”

Our Stars are Bright

Tasha touched the salvaged, red, Earth-Force starflyer. “I’m calling it, The Ruby, Pop.”

He looked to the 13-year-old. “I’ll call it our father-daughter project.”

“Thrusters are good.”

“Hyperdrive’s gone. It’ll be spaceworthy, but sub-light.”

“Still sweet!”

Smash, Hit

Bricks flew as the super-brute caused immense damage and smashed through prison walls.

He grabbed a guard, but only sang a few lines of I Want to Break Free to them while escaping.

“Impressive,” Zappit said, watching the video. “That’s a spot-on Freddie Mercury!”


“Leave,” she asked in the dust storm.

The bandit leader grinned. “No, señorita. This town burns!”

She stepped forth, a grim oldtech oddity.

“Leave,” she said, her face stripped to a painted android skull in calavera style. “I’m programed to kill.”



Copyright © 2020 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.

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