Flash Fictions: Any Drawbacks to Dragon Adoption?

Off the Path

A five-hour hike from the nearest road or even a trail, the oddity’s spires and size allude to a cathedral. But its abandoned black stones in the woods don’t feel holy.

“How can this not be on any map?” I write in my journal. “This Church, this Starry Wisdom?”

The American Doctor

The American doctor examines the body. “There’s holes in this one.”

“Her jockey ended things, with a bang.”

“Not as good as the last.”

“I’ll settle cheap, I’m a bit skint.”

West’s masked nurse shuffles by the pimp. He sees her still dead eyes.


Unshrunken Heart

“…and that’s when the witch shrunk the prince and me,” the farmgirl said. “Right out of our clothes! Small as ants!”

The bumblebee’s head turned quizzically askew.

“Will you help me save him from that hag? A quick flight?”

It kneels and nods as she gets on.


The hatchling stretched content, glinting metallic with splayed wings.

“So cute!” she smiles.

“Say that after they burp fire on your couch,” he nods.

“Any other drawbacks to dragon adoption?”

He drops a silver ingot in a bowl. “Feeding them costs a fortune!”

Red Hat

Only a red trucker hat remained of their attacker.

“You teleported him?” Tom asks his alien boyfriend.

Bodo nods. “You know it!”


“He said he wanted a world without queers, so…”

“You granted his wish?” “I sent him to an empty planet!”

Copyright © 2020 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.

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