Mid-Week Muses: “Video games taught me a strategy.”

A weekly compilation of collected microfictions composed by yours truly. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram for daily dabs of fiction. If your time is short, these are shorter!

Copyright © by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.

Featured Image: Dragon Chaser, by SWAV

“Gramps, how did you survive 2022?” “Well for starters, I was vaccinated.” “Yeah. Duh. But I mean… the zombies?” “Oh. Video games taught me a strategy.” “Really?” He nods to the boy. “See, you start by planting sunflowers, and end with dropping watermelon bombs.” “I thought you’d only leave kicking and screaming,” Bill says. Matt collects his things from the cubicle and looks over Bill’s shoulder, to the new boss. “You don’t see things the way I do.” Others see a man. Matt sees a corpse with its orifices stitched shut. The space tug’s engines give a final flare. Unarmed and tiny, it pushes a billion-ton rock. Dax fighters destroy the lone ship easily. But the valor of her crew — the momentum of the asteroid — cannot be stopped. A Dax battleship, rammed, explodes. Larry squints seeing the shop’s crew. “You’ve got a prehistoric tribe workin’ on cars?” “They were pulled out of time,” Sid shrugs. “They needed jobs.” “You taught ‘em, auto mechanics?” Sid nods. “And they’re naturals at detailing.” “Huh.” “Chrome-Magnons.” The singer kisses him in the dark club, then sighs. “This won’t last, Love.” “Why?” “I’m a vampire who now feeds off a crowd’s emotions. I’m immortal and forever singing for my supper.” The comedian grins, fangs revealed. “Same here, but I leave ‘em laughing!” “Excuse me, master dwarf, but—” “Quit saying that.” “But, you’re a—” “Dwarve. We are dwarves, not dwarfs! A dwarf is a small member of something usually larger, but we dwarven folk are the size we should be!” “So, what do you call a, dwarf dwarve?” “Short!” The patient laughs inside the padded cell. “This has been fun, but I must fly now.” “You’re a delusional woman, not a shapeshifting dragon,” her doctor says in the hall. A cell door is thrown off its hinges, and a huge saurian eye peers out. “Oh, am I?”

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