Aethereal Muses: “Where is… the school?”

A weekly compilation of collected microfictions composed by yours truly. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram for daily dabs of fiction. If your time is short, these are shorter!

Copyright © by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.

Featured image art generated by Jason H. Abbott using A.I. and his own editing and compositing.

“This isn’t what I wanted,” she says in the leafy canopy. “Isolated and marooned on a prehistoric island.” Her young daughter looks up from their tree fort project. “Mom, this is the best vacation ever!” Below, Grandpa hoots riding a befriended triceratops. “Where is… the school?” Lyn said as the device sputtered out. Ian looked to her in the alien landscape. “It, worked?” “We crossed dimensions?” Gulping down panic behind the teens, Mr. McKay lowered his clipboard. “Okay, you guys win the science fair!” “The salvage target is 200 meters underwater,” Calon said, donning his wetsuit. “Same gravity as Earth and Trelis, so you should have an easy dive.” The cricket-like trug eyed him, antennae dour. “Easy if Trelis wasn’t a desert planet! Easy if I could swim!” I first encountered the anomaly running metrics. After ruling out any errors, I hunted him down. I found an impossibly unassuming man in an impossibly unassuming house. An individual conforming to all statistical averages. A very lazy alien in disguise. Gorp emerged from the sculpting chamber: A giant turz of living stone now carved down to human proportions. Maka looked up, then down as the other humans stared. “You… look magnificent.” “I used Michelangelo’s David for the model.” “You need, pants.” The firefish school around them, each ablaze and swimming through air. “Will they hurt us?” Ian asks. “Not intentionally,” Mula says, “but we’re trapped ‘till dawn. We’ll have to lodge here.” The young witch sits beside the squire. “But, what handsome company.” In my father’s old boat, I like to slip out into Gulf of Maine Exclusion Zone. Where the meteor fell. Where great beasts now roam the waves. They call me crazy, trolling for kaiju. But titan gods pay me little notice. Dwarfed beside terrible majesty.

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