Aethereal Muses: The World Needs Its Wizard

A weekly compilation of collected microfictions composed by yours truly. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram for daily dabs of fiction. If your time is short, these are shorter!

Art and Writing Copyright © by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.

“You’re the bravest man I’ve ever met!” “Mam, I’m terrified,” he answers, preparing his sword. “This guy’s a ten-foot-tall cannibal, and I probably look tasty. But I ain’t gonna let fear stop me from giving him a fight… or at least a bad case of indigestion!” The hunter-killer drone leveled its Vulcan minigun. “Come out, you wascawwy wabbits!” Len faced his sister. “They spent millions gen-gineering us into anthropomorphic rabbits… to hunt us for violent sport… with Elmer Fudd robots?” “Yeah, it’s loony tunes.” After hours of stubborn, mean play, Pete moved his token to the last square. “I win,” he declares. “I’m the prettiest princess, losers.” He turned into a girl in a pink tiara and tutu. “WHAT!?” Her sister and the sleepover crew cheer. “The cursed game worked!” The boys sat in high branches as wolves still circled below. “What do orcs think of us?” Podge asks. “Humans are sly oath breakers,” Nim grumbles. Podge nodded. The orc boy rubs his tusk. “What do you, think of us?” “Orcs killed my family when I was a baby.” Meg put the flashlight to her face in the backyard tent. “Truth.” “Were you Sgt. Phelps?” Else asks. “I was,” Meg says, “once.” Shaking, she passes the light. “Truth or dare?” Else illuminates her face. “Truth.” “Did you die on Omaha Beach with me?” “Yes.” The work. The schedule. The routine. The bi-weekly bribe I received for giving up on my dreams. Then a little girl stood in my cubicle. “Awake,” she said. “Why?” “The world needs its wizard,” she answered, vanishing. I left my desk, and never returned. “You wrote me to be your true love,” the young woman says. “I was a teen writing you in draft. I’ve found my love now.” “So, I will just never be? Or be loved?” I touch her tears. “Hush, I’ll finish your story.” “With a prince?” “No, someone better.”

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