“Novel”: A SciFanSat Microfiction Compilation

“Novel Escape” – Art by Jason H. Abbott.

“Novel Discovery” – Art by Jason H. Abbott.

“Novel Thoughts” – Art by Jason H. Abbott.

I am continually awed by the talent and creativity of the authors that grace SciFanSat with their voices. Above are highlighted microfiction tweets that I feel exemplify that talent, all compiled from our 11.05.2022 “Novel” prompt and event.

~Jason H. Abbott

All tweets, art, and rights belong to their respective creators. No ownership or responsibility on my part is inferred by this post, just my admiration.

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3 thoughts on ““Novel”: A SciFanSat Microfiction Compilation

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    1. I agree, Diana. Founding the SciFanSat event, maintaining its space, and hosting it is an honor I enjoy every weekend.

      I’m sorry to have been so quiet on WordPress the last few months. I missed this comment from you from weeks ago. This year has been very difficult and insanely busy since the spring when I decided to purchase my parents old property, sell my house, and move back to my hometown. I will write a long blog about it, but It didn’t go smoothly before a good end in mid-September. Then two days after that I was in the hospital for five days and should have died, but miraculously (according to several doctor’s) made a full recovery. And while I was in the hospital for that they discovered an unrelated but 90% likely cancerous growth on my kidney that I’m having surgery on a few days before Christmas. I’ve spent the last two months recovering and trying to get all the needed work on the old place done to make it livable before winter and getting laid-up again by new lifesaving surgery. I’ve had very little time to write until now, and had to curtail my social media activity for the same reason.

      But we’ve reached our goals to pause on the home improvement for winter, so I’m going to get the social media machine moving again soon, so I can have it humming again for my next spot of downtime while I recover into January. So as you can probably tell, I’ve had A LOT going on.

      My prognosis on the likely cancer is very positive: It has been caught early and hasn’t spread, and I shouldn’t need chemotherapy after the mass is removed. I and the doctor are upbeat, but of course it’s scary. It will be a long surgery involving my surgeon, his team, and his robot buddy.

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      1. Thanks so much for letting me know how you’re doing, Jason. My husband just went through cancer surgery and he was able to skip radiation and chemo, so thank goodness for early detection. I have full confidence that all will go well for you. Take your time recuperating and start 2023 feeling positive and rested. 2022 was a tough year here too and I’m looking forward to a peaceful 2023. <3

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