WIP-it Wednesday: October 21st, 2015

Time for a new weekly writer’s roundup of my works-in-progress and those ready to read!

The peak of Autumn ended for me over the weekend with a cold rush of wind and felled leaves. However, it also feels as if a threshold was crossed with the ongoing work within the house. Things have come together enough that I’ve had time to write an anecdotal retelling of a recent brush with home improvement and insanity. I posted it earlier today and will link to it here: How to Install a New Mailbox in 65 Easy Steps… Because when the universe conspires to make me a buffoon, the least I can do is share the tale for you to enjoy! ;-)

Although installing a mailbox brought me to the verge of a psychotic break, we have manage to get quite a bit done. A major victory was achieved last weekend when, after weeks of lying face-down wrapped in a blanket, the television was at long last mounted back onto a wall and returned to function…

And the first thing played in the new house?

Well, at least I’m the Master of a small universe. ;-)

There was great deal of unpacking and cleanup done, which lead to a discovery that gave me pause…

2015-10-10 13.14.47

When I pressed our friend and boarder on what type of “Body Parts” she had stored in the box, I was emphatically told that that they were of the kind used for crafting. She even cooked me some liver with fava beans and a nice chianti afterwards to put me at ease. But I’m still suspicious.

This weekend we completed some painting and electrical wiring for lighting  upstairs, making it no longer so gloomy after dark. With that out of the way, I started assembling the jumble of things in my writer’s den to bring some sort of order to the chaos around my computer. That work still has a way to go, but last night my Godzillas might have found their new home…

2015-10-19 19.07.36So what’s next? With the King of Monsters settling in to watch over me, perhaps I can finish my piratical yarn about the hunt for Hakbutt Bryne someday soon. :-)

Alright, time for me to stop blogging and try to write some fiction! Take care!

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