WIP-it Wednesday: December 23rd, 2015


Time for a new weekly writer’s roundup of my works-in-progress and those ready to read!

I buckled down last week and threw everything else aside over the weekend to work on my science fantasy space opera PRINCE OF STARS. With that, I doubled its length to two chapters and over seven-thousand words. It’s still not where I want it to be: I really want to get to the part where I write a thrilling spaceship escape. ;-) I’ve crafted notes and vignettes about it as I get closer to that point of the story, intending to fill them out later into the full piece. However, for the Reddit contest, I think the scene would lose its emotive impact if I presented it out of sequence and without its needed build-up. Also, as I’ve been racing the clock on this, I’ve therefore focused on getting said build-up written instead of the climax.

And the first two chapters have some really good bones and cool stuff going on! Here is how I open with the “first” chapter, ten. No, chapters one to nine don’t exist yet. I’m starting this tale in media res!



This will be fun to share after finishing edits and revision!

At the moment, I’m playing catch-up and running behind because one of my trusty alpha-readers had a very bad day on Sunday and couldn’t read the two chapter drafts that I have. The poor thing was very upset because she knew how I wanted to get them ready Sunday night and that it would put me behind. Her tears were very real as was her regret… They were also out of proportion to the inconvenience she caused me, and likely induced by her lack of sleep and stress.

I’m going to point out that I am very fortunate to have her as a friend and resource. Jess is good, pulling no punches with honest critiques, and as a burgeoning author herself she leans a lot that she then applies her own writing. Between her feedback and the equally awesome proofreading my wife provides with a professional eye, they really help my writing to grow and be all that it can be. I told Jessica this, and after a good-nights rest she gave me some wonderful notes Monday night instead.

Her feedback drew my attention to a few flaws that had been nagging me as I wrote. This work has a lot of brisk action and no less than eight characters running around doing things, and in places it got muddled as to who was doing what. Half of that was because I was rushing and keeping character descriptions minimal to push the action. But at least in places I was too minimal.

I spent yesterday mapping out the key physical traits and clothing of each of my primaries to create a reference sheet of character description tags to add in revision. I believe adding a word or two here and there will help cut-down that confusion and paint better portraits of the character’s appearances at the same time. A really good point that my alpha-reader brought to light was that Prince Airell, a key character in the plot, was barely described physically. However, she did get a mental image of him mostly from his dialogue that was pretty spot-on with my image of him, so I’m doing something right there. I think the few tags I’m adding will address those problems and then some.

Work, holiday visitations and bailing out a friend’s podcast as a last minute guest yesterday because their normal co-host had laryngitis meant that I’ve hardly been able to start revising until today. But, whatever… I’ll have lots of free writing time over the long holiday weekends this week and next to finish and revise PRINCE OF STARS. I feel that there is a good possibility that it will become a four-chapter (or more) serial that I’ll share on Aethereal Engines soon. :-) And despite all of the frustrations and delays, I’m still making progress, I’ve been able to help some friends in need, and I’ve managed to not be a jerk about them taking away from my writing time. ;-)

My focus and key goal as December and 2015 enters the home stretch is to clear my January writing itinerary so that I can then focus on finishing my piratical story The Brynesmark. I really want to have that story finished by the first of February!

Alright, time for me to stop blogging and get back to writing some more fiction! Take care!

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