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Mid-Week Muses

A weekly compilation of collected microfictions composed by yours truly. If your time is short, these are shorter!

Slapping over Lisa like a wet blanket, ooze 
dissolved skin and hair. Plunging down her throat, 
a wail finished before it started. 
"My spell forces the truth from you! Why do 
you follow me?" 
He pulled a knife and threw it. The assassin 
behind her dropped dead. 
"We're Tyrannosaurs, Ron!" 
He flinched. "The Traveler must ha—" 
"It's AMAZEBALLS!" Sue said as giddy 
as a t-rex could appear. 
Asahi injected the boy, throwing 
him at Tom. 
The chrono-jump started. "It's lethal! 
He'll never conceive you! You won't exist!" 
Joe threw a rock. "The Earth's gone, 
Sana. Why'd they bring us here?" 
She sat down beside him. "A human 
preserve? A fresh start?" 
He descended, cape billowing: An aged 
god shouldering a locomotive like Atlas. 
"You must be, the new kids?"
Asil and Clair gasped. 
The rival female tyrannosaur pinned Ron, 
nipping his saurian nape. 
Sue's transformed heart thundered. "Get 
off my... Snugglebutt!"
Her grafted limbs were a patchwork 
quilt of races. Looking to her sutured 
savior, Amy smiled. "I'm a classic. I'm 
a Frankenstein." 
"I'd never call an 86 Dodge Aries 
a classic," Mel groaned. "But it 
runs... Put on that pair of machine 
guns, and she'll duel too!" 

Copyright © 2017 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.