Mid-Week Muses: “The dilapidated colony ship loomed like a corpse”

Mid-Week Muses

A weekly compilation of collected microfictions composed by yours truly. If your time is short, these are shorter!

The warbot staved-in half of old 
49's android face. But 49 was 
unyielding, defending the new 
mother and infant tenaciously. 
Calliope listened to the 
whispers. "...Exer! That's what 
GARS does to you." 
Half human and cat, she sunk 
within her pea coat. 
The thugs saw a little old lady 
and easy target. She saw six fools 
about to die at the hands of the 
greatest shinobi ninja alive. 
Galen kicked the barrel of howling 
undead capuchins down the stairs. They 
crashed into the Nazis. 
"That WAS more fun!" he quipped. 
The dilapidated colony ship loomed 
like a corpse. Beth felt the push 
of her EVA suit thrusters before a 
tug of unease in zero-g. 
The archmage was unimpressed. 
"An elemental?" 
Dur grinned before teleporting. 
"...Of plutonium." 
There was a nuclear flash. 
He looked at her stunned. "We're alone. 
How is the city empty?" 
The barista shook. "The shop was full, 
then I saw them all vanish..." 
She turned in disgust from 
the inauguration. "That's it, 
all hope is gone!" 
"Not gone," her father said, 
"just harder to see." 
She gagged, eyes staring past the 
Adonis strangling her. Heather saw 
the frat boy she'd so rudely rebuked, 
coming to her rescue. 
"Yeh can't git me on shore!" the 
poacher taunted. 
The lake spirit whipped 40 years 
of fishing tackle at him. 
Snared, he screamed. 
Terale comforted him. "Your injuries 
would've killed you. Are you unhappy 
as an Ent?" 
He held her. "No, life's a birch sometimes." 

Copyright © 2017 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.


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