Mid-Week Muses: “I believe we’ve started an adventure”

Mid-Week MusesA weekly compilation of collected microfictions composed by yours truly. If your time is short, these are shorter!

"I'm not a lame superhero? 
Asil, I've got pigeon powers 
and sprout wings." 
The tween girl smiled. "Flying's 
always cool, Ken." 
Ken shouldered the fleeing 
criminal, swooping in like a 
pigeon-winged angel. 
"Great tackle!" Asil said. 
"No, just a bad landing!" 
Big Bad admired Red's new 
form. The two wolves smiled. 
"Come on," she nudged. "I wanna 
huff and puff and blow your 
house in!" 
"They call it Zeus: A 100 
kilometer magnetic accelerator 
cannon inside an asteroid, using 
smaller asteroids as ammunition." 
Her eyes were mystified. "W-we 
were just in New York. How can 
we be in LA?" 
"To clarify, we're actually in 
Santa Monica," Mol said. 
Asil emerged wearing a grey hijab 
layered over a broad, black domino 
mask. Her colorful plastic arm 
drew all the attention. 
"... and that's why you'll fail!"
She glared at the skull. "But—" 
"—Don't debate the dead. They 
have time, we don't," Mol said. 
Mrs. Hamilton muttered an 
incantation and slapped the winged 
imp with her wooden ruler. It 
laughed. Then it hissed before 
Amy lay stargazing on the raft, 
a chicken nested on her stomach. 
"I believe we've started an 
adventure," she said petting the hen. 
Lilly ran holding the prince's hand. 
They laughed shrinking out of their 
clothes, then dove as frogs into the 
pond. Home at last. 
He sandwiched his head between pillows, 
trying to ignore the skittering noises. 
Then it crossed the bed with an 
insectine scuttle. 
"They say the eyes are a window 
to the soul." 
"I look into yours and see a void." 

Copyright © 2017 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.


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