Mid-Week Muses: “Her Soft Bioluminescence was Angelic”

Mid-Week MusesA weekly compilation of collected microfictions composed by yours truly. If your time is short, these are shorter!

The slender birch ents entwined leafy 
fingers and branching limbs. Terale 
swayed with Lanu... No longer alone, 
her dance was joy. 
The odd beast whipped a long, fanged 
proboscis at the hunter. He responded 
with a gunshot that splattered purple 
The alien was beautiful, like an 
iridescencent octopus. Perfectly adapted 
to microgravity, her soft bioluminescence 
was angelic. 
Beth batted away floating trash and debris 
in zero-g. The ship's interior was a 
mausoleum, exposed to vacuum for generations. 
Cannibal Joe gave a sharktoothed grin 
behind the wheel of his crashed roadster. 
He reached for his shotgun. 
"Tough eats t'day!" 
Matra was thick and curvy, and her suitor 
Ker was far from svelte himself. Yet the 
royal ball cheered their warm and 
witty pairing. 
Miriam checked the time on her smartphone 
yet again. Then the antique mirror 
shimmered. Eyes lifting alight, she saw 
her lover. 
"He shot you SIX times! How are you NOT DEAD!?" 
"Enchanted tee-shirt of scaling kinetic 
resistance, OK Erin? And it STILL hurts!" 
Muscular Korr scooped up emeralds. "The salve 
girl has no value, scribe! Leave her!" 
Skalos lowered himself into the pit. "No." 

Copyright © 2017 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.


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