Mid-Week Muses: “So, about last night…”

Mid-Week MusesA weekly compilation of collected microfictions composed by yours truly. If your time is short, these are shorter!

Skalos closed his book. Between the 
grunts of Korr and Talla's lovemaking, 
he snuck out and gave the slave girl 
his meager meal. 
The two women lingered on the 
departing waiter. "It's not just a 
physical change with these alter 
egos, is it Joe?" one said. 
Straining to read the scrawled 
hieroglyphs by torchlight, Skalos 
pondered their meaning. "It says 
'Shoggoth'. I know not the word." 
The changeling phenomenon started 
in 1986. First blamed on the 
Chernobyl disaster, its true cause 
remains a mystery. 
"You might not remember Colonel, but 
I do. My mother's screams as you 
tortured her are etched on my heart 
and soul. I remember." 
Cheerful donned his trademark yellow 
mask. Nicked with scrapes and burns 
under flecked blood, its simple 
drawn smile remained. 
Child-sized and rodent-like, Alex 
touched her. "Sal, please..." She 
shoved him away, and his now 
oversized wedding band fell loose. 
"So, about last night..." 
"Is this going to be about how 
you're a Super?" 
"H-how did you" 
"You float in your sleep. It's 
He faced the east in meditation, 
dawn breaking over rolling hills. 
Daylight's gentle caress told him 
his last day had come. 
"I was curious, Karl... Now I'm 
just having fun!" 
The burly tom looked to the svelte 
she-cat. "Enjoying the feline day 
pass, huh?" 

Copyright © 2017 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.

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