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mwm_pngA weekly compilation of collected microfictions composed by yours truly. If your time is short, these are shorter!

Enna took up the wooden 
sword looking to her 
"You could've slept in 
for your birthday," he 

"Teach me." 

They trudged down the 
stairwell steps, cubicle 
accoutrements in boxes. 

Carol looked to Tim. "I 
still want to see you. 
Wanna date?" 

Eve grabbed Dr. Adams, 
bracing for erasure as 
the temporal aftershock 
hit them. Instead, they 
awoke nude in primeval 

Skalos and Moa 
frantically ran down 
the passage. The oily 
mass rushed after them, 
multitudinous eyes and 
orifices wide and 

"Securing a tramp 
freighter is easy. 
Smuggling refugee 
telepaths past Aries' 
moon and the government 
inspection is the 

Its stone hooves cut ruts 
in the earth, and Erden 
dodged a jet of flame as 
the granite bull bellowed. 

Horns down, it charged. 

“I’ll never make it to her 
in time! It’s too far!” 

Bailey’s foot left the 
break. “Run! Run like it 
means something!” 

Bloody nosed, Aimee returned 
Lida's iPhone. 

Lida took it. "They're such 

Aimee lifted a handful of 
hair. "Bald bitches." 

"You think I never doubt? 
You're wrong. I doubt the 
future. I doubt myself. But 
I'll never doubt that 
there's good in the world." 

Copyright © 2017 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.