Mid-Week Muses: “Half a Dream, and a Pound of Vengeance”

mwm_pngA weekly compilation of collected microfictions composed by yours truly. If your time is short, these are shorter!

"I'm really sorry..."

His tabby hand covered hers. "Hey,
it's ok. GARS crossbred me with
a cat... You'd be weird to stay 
with me."

Robin held her brother's
hand. "Take it easy, your
fever's still bad." 

He looked up to her fox 
face. "Am I changing, like
you did?" 

Her grafted limbs were a
patchwork quilt of races.
Looking to her sutured savior,
Amy smiled. "I'm a classic.
I'm a Frankenstein." 

He changed in fading daylight,
and she lifted him with cupped
hands in newborn night.

"You're a were-squirrel?"

"Yup. It's nuts." 

Sébastien almost missed the
wound; a red speck made by a
needle's puncture. But its
poison had killed the General
in seconds. 

The canopy closed over the
pair amid a hail of gunfire.
Anna sat on Ed's lap in the
one person cockpit. "Charming
first date!" 

They laughed at the druid's
wooden pistol. Then she hosed
the lumberjacks with mud and

"It's Spring loaded, jerkholes!"

"What am I? Half a dream,
and a pound of vengeance."


Copyright © 2017 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.

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