Throwback Thursday: Aliens – Motion Picture Score, by James Horner (1986)

I’ve mentioned that I’m a fan of the film Aliens before, and that it was a major cornerstone of my late childhood. Even to this day, it’s a go-to and common ground movie between myself and many peers.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that it gets a couple nods in my novel Vivian’s Last Cigarette, which is set in an 1989 that has begun to veer into an alternate reality and history since the year of this film’s release. At one point, my orc protagonists even get talking about the Alien films. And during Gronk’s subsequent hunt for his VHS recordings of the movies, he and Viv have some important conversations.

Aliens, or at least its Oscar nominated score, returned behind the scenes recently as my go-to writing music as I crafted the book’s new third chapter. Chapter three has lots of building tension and bumps in the dark. Then it explosively shifts and the protagonists are chased, cornered and barely escape alive. Mr. Horner’s score fit the mood perfectly!

Truth be told, I was quite pleased with that chapter once the draft was done. And spending several weekends listening to this movie’s distinctive music was like spending time with an old friend. :-)

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