Mid-Week Muses

Mid-Week Muses

A weekly compilation of collected microfictions composed by yours truly. If your time is short, these are shorter!

Rifle barrel looming past the window frame's edge, Morton took aim. 
A plastic fist stuck him from behind. "Not today!"
"Please let me see you." 
His canine face winced. "I, I look like a furry, Ann." 
"I look like a malamute with boobs, open the door." 
Old Maya eyed her escaping grandchildren. Enraged, the soldier stomped 
her harder. Clasping the grenade, she pulled the pin. 
Josh watched his uncle roll up a yellowed issue of Town and Country 
like one of his cigarettes. He swatted the moosefly dead. 
"What've you done to me?" asked the girl. 
"They only froze your head, Mr. Kerry. And the primitive cryonics 
ruined your genome..." 
The shaman's stick etched a sigil into the beach. 
"Will the sea spirits—" 
"—Listen? Yes. Help? I can't say, Aen," she shrugged. 
Clair watched the vortex of colorful bricks orbit Asil. "You can 
control... Legos?" 
"No, any plastic! Legos are just handy!" 
"A padded cell?" Dr. Marcus squinted. 
Bob nodded. "Teri's attempted esca—" 
"—I'm not crazy! Lovecraft was right!" she yelled unseen. 
Esst glided on the ice, the fire fey dancing like a flaming doll. Her 
joyful wake etched delicate patterns upon the frozen pond. 
He'd shrunk out of his clothes, and Rob emerged raccoon faced 
from under them. 
Molly squealed, her ringtail high. "So handsome!" 
Maxine watched the oily black mass on the ceiling shrink as it 
shoved a drop tile and oozed upwards. 
"It's loose!" she screamed. 

Copyright © 2016 by Jason H. Abbott, All Rights Reserved.

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